Hi, I’m Bob Gaboury AKA “Gabby”

A little history about me: Born in February of 1940, raised in a quaint little city along the St Lawrence River, attended an Irish catholic school, learned to speak French in school and on the streets of Verdun.

Attended a trade school and graduated as an electrician apprentice, went on to work at the Canadian National Railways as an electrician, I was inhaling way too much diesel fumes and decided to make a career change..

In 1960 I crossed the border and joined up with the US Navy at Plattsburg, NY. I held many different positions and attended many great schools during my 20 year career. and retired as a Chief Electrician in 1980 after serving honorably.

Retired in Port Hueneme, California and went to work in the engineering Dept. of a local hospital. Did not like working inside so I bought a local Dog and Cat Boarding facility on the out skirts of town, and started the best career ever. Handling and caring for others people’s pets.

I soon started training dogs in obedience and found that boring after a few years and moved up to training K9’s for a local club which included K9’s from the local police Dept.

Did that all the way till 1997 and then I really retired. That is when I started diddling in the Internet marketing arena, been here ever since and enjoying it.
I have been developing websites for businesses and individuals, writing articles about internet marketing and presenting training courses to help individuals make the transition from full-time corporate or brick and mortar businesses people to successfully become net-preneur’s marketing digital and physical products.

I started my net-preneur quest in 1997 and gained my expertise in marketing on eBay. In the year 2004 I started  to help other people with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running their offline businesses.

Prior to becoming a net-preneur I spent 18 years as an owner and operator of a dog and cat boarding kennel and the prior 20 years in the military serving our country.


I have now been happily married to Linda for just a little under 20 years, enjoying the retired life. My son Shaun and Daughter-in-law, have four wonderful children, Paige, Taylor, Riley and Kayden, They are the apples of my eye, I enjoy spending as much time as possible with them.