Massive Ransomware Outbreak Thanks to NSA – WannaCry Worm Spreading Fast

I created this video to warn everyone that they need to install the Windows Updates immediately to prevent this massive worm from infecting them and perpetuating the ransomware worm virus. Please take this video seriously and share it with as many people as possible. If we can get computers proactively patched this virus will start to die off. Otherwise, we’re all gonna be in a lot of trouble.

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▼ Sources for information on attack ▼—the-global-ransomworm-malware-epidemic-300457144.html

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▼ Questions & Answers ▼
Q) Am I safe if I installed all the Windows Updates?
A) Yes, the worm will not be able to spread but you can still get it by running bad email attachments or files from unknown sources. So be careful!


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  1. Barnacules Nerdgasm

    There is a massive Ransomware malware worm virus circulating the globe right now destroying people's data at an alarming rate and even attacking businesses and infrastructure. You need to spread this video far and wide so people install the Windows Updates to prevent it because this virus spreads like wildfire and doesn't even require you to open it or visit a malicious site to get on your machine if you have one of the NSA hacking tool vulnerabilities that could be unpatched on your machine. Please help spread the message and protect people from what might be the most destructive and widespread virus of all time. Please expand the video description for more information

  2. TheKHfan358over3d

    you know.
    considering how bad this is i would find the houses of WHO created those viruses and send swat teams
    since they are technically killing people with it

  3. I still use 8.1 and have it set to auto update/install all updates

  4. TheKHfan358over3d

    yes I have a firewall that prevents any connections I don't allow, hackers have attempted hacking a machine of mine before.
    the problem is I have full control of my own Wi Fi, and the thing is It can prevent them from doing what they want, I've already shut down every SINGLE POSSIBLE way for microsoft to spy on my windows 10 computer, and I've continued to shut down these connections I disapprove of, so just a heads up if you have full wifi control USE IT!

  5. TheKHfan358over3d

    the National Security Agency
    actually they are the nationally shittiest agency,
    because I'd do a better job with decisions…. yeah sorry NSA but don't prevent backdoors from being fixed cause that is 100% stupid and proves that the NSA is being ran by indian tech support people

  6. 10 minutes FOR THIS? I could stop after 3rd one and not miss anything.

  7. this is why i have linux

  8. AVG + Adblock = Safety

  9. This is how bitcoin will end. If you have bitcoins now, get rid of them asap it's going to be shut down… Obviously not some spotty kid in his mom's garage pulling this off, it is part of a global plan to end bitcoin.

  10. Frenzy Commander

    If you get randomware on your device does it just make your computer refuse to open or use anything and basically can't even do even the simplest thing like for example opening a application?

  11. If the key is generated on the infected machine why can't someone come up with a script that runs when it detects that ransomware to snatch up the key before it's deleted and transmit it to a website that you can retrieve it from?

  12. Hmm…
    1. No one wants to download Windows Updates because Microsoft has ruined their rep.
    2. A mysterious ransomware comes and now people hurry and download Windows updates.

    1 + 2 = You people are dumb af lol.

  13. Also, there's no assurance they're in America, or not military or ISIS or something. By paying the ransom, you could be funding ISIS or some other government to finance their agenda, to continue spreading this stuff. So don't pay it. Just like our country doesn't negotiate with terrorists, neither should we. Maybe Anonymous can help find the perpetrators, and shut them down… maybe give them a little bit of their own medicine.

  14. The Demon of Death Valley

    Make a backup in a external HDD once you get the virus give the middle finger to the screen and format your PC restore your data.. Done

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