Ransomware virus ‘WannaCry’ plagues 100k computers across 99 countries

A major so-called ‘ransomware’ attack is underway worldwide, with more than 100 thousand attacks, according to the latest reports. This map shows where the attacks are occurring, with 99 countries now affected by the virus, that’s according to security software company Avast. The malware displays a screen demanding 300 dollars in the cyber currency bitcoin from the owners of the affected computers. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8bi1

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  1. the peoblem is that everyone is saying that you cant get your files back… what if you just use a decrypter?

  2. holabila sandiagna

    Switch To Mac Apple Company. It's More Secured And Private And Safe. And Up To Date. And They supported Their Old Devices For Many Years Now! Example:Iphone 4 Thank You Apple Co. For Making Me Secured From Those Viruses…

  3. holabila sandiagna

    Sell Your Windows To Your Neighbors.

  4. holabila sandiagna

    Why NSA Did This. I Think Now The Us Government Is Planning This In The Future I'm Sure Is The United States Will Run This Virus To Other Countries If U.S Runs Out Of Money…

  5. the owner of this virus is so going to hell

  6. I'm 100% sure CIA is behind all of these!!

  7. Synchronized™ Nightcore

    OMG where can I buy bitcoins HALP

  8. Russia China or North Korea is behind attack. Map says it all

  9. That's why some people prefer Mac over Windows

  10. That's why you should always update Windows

  11. What is the name of news caster?

  12. Buy Apple – WINDOWS is a POS! I am a 30 years software designer so I KNOW! I worked for DOD, Military and MANY Fortune 500 Corporations!

  13. this is as wrong as it can be, the nsa didnt develop the ransomware, wtf RT. please report it correctly for people who dont understand it. no one was "hacked" either, no data is stolen from anyone

  14. This is why we shouldn't let the government put backdoors into computer systems. This is why Apple didn't want to develop hacking tools for the FBI, cause they can be stolen and used against everyone.

  15. its cool and all until this virus hacks a life support by accident..

  16. What if Google's data center is affected, Were doomed. We cant use google anymore. Then Use Apple safari or Samsung chrome

  17. heil Hitler

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