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  1. It better not lock up my torrented porn videos.

  2. Who else is glad they use mac?

  3. I have a mac, so I never heard about this till 2 days ago

  4. keshav lokheeram

    So A programmer who doesnt have a work . Sitting in his/her basement is demanding $300 . WoW . "Wanna Cry "Defies his/her condition.

  5. I fucking knew it! Damn commes be hacking our computers!

  6. I bet you all this is just the work of a 10 year old living in his moms basement

  7. Interstellar bruce

    Wanna cry? more like Wanna die!

  8. Just go blame Russia like you idiots did last time, your journalists are all apparently cyber security experts, might as well do it again.

  9. Well, isn't that an ominous note to end the video on?

    That's like making a documentary on a horrible disease, and ending it off with "Oh, and by the way, forgot to mention. It's still infecting and killing millions. HAVE FUN!"

  10. Cyrptolocker and Mydoom virus has a new brother lol

  11. can i give vodka and ak47 for ransom? lol

  12. PCs suck, get a Macintosh instead and you won't have to worry about viruses, worms, or ransomeware.

  13. What about apple macbook?

  14. SkyroX Jian Yu Dark-PaiN

    Paying $300 dollars won't even unlock your files

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