Trojan.Ransom.WannaCrypt (WanaCrypt0r 2.0/WannaCry, NHS Ransomware)

a few links for further (and interesting) reading:

major thanks to malwaretech team for stopping the ransomware in its tracks, xylitol for the hookup once again, and all of you who took the time to message me about the ransomware.

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  1. Here I was, thinking of you as a retro '90s-virus connoisseur. And here you are on the bleeding edge of world news.
    Albeit world news that affects people with badly out of date systems…

    Anyway, you're awesome. It's really neat to get to see this stuff in a context that's not dangerous or malicious in nature.

  2. Restore your PC using System Image Backup.

  3. They're kind of stupid. If they would have actually given people who pay the encryption key. Then a lot of people would pay

  4. The killswitch is not really a killswitch, it doesn't work anymore.

  5. I want that wallpaper on my VM just to troll people

    P.S. Jesus christ bitcoins are worth $1800 right now

  6. Yılmaz DALKIRAN

    Thx for live demo o7

  7. comment encrypted

  8. that's why u back up your files to a flash drive

  9. If you're too stupid to not firewall your computer and prevent the malware you deserve to be infected. Funny how this video just like the other morons doesn't actually tell you how you get infected and what port.

  10. Wtf did you do to get that?
    I thought i was all over the dirty places on the Internet. Hmmm

  11. This virus in the 24/7 news federal channel in Russia, that shit is really huge

  12. Companies wanna know how to prevent this. I tell them "INSTALL THE FREAKING FREE SECURITY UPDATE YOU IDIOTS!!!" and also not to give everyone admin rights, especially those dumb enough to still beleive in the Microsoft Lottery

  13. what is NHS

  14. Just keep a copy of all your data on an external memory stick and use the boot up menu to reset the computer, surely I cant be right can I?

  15. Thank god my computer didn't get this

  16. Rinoa Super-Genius

    if i got this on my computer, i'd be mostly fine. I backup my laptop every time i take it on a plane, however the real pain would be the quarantine i'd have to make around the laptop in order to fix it. i'd be too worried about the virus spreading if i tried using like a USB flash drive to install a new OS or whatever. would probably grab a crappy computer from a dumpster and plug my SSD into it and try to do a full format, then even when i'm done formatting it i'd throw away that temporary computer.

  17. Oops! I have 0.000000001 BC

  18. Vũ Mạnh Quyền


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