How You Should Approach This Course

Course Structure and How You Should Approach This Course – Section 1, Lecture 2:
In this course, we have endeavoured to provide you with a truly comprehensive training guide to video marketing. The problem with presenting such a vast topic is that students can quickly become lost or feel confused. Monotony can also become a problem as one video lecture blends into the next without students realising that they have now moved onto a new and different subject. In order to make this course as enjoyable as possible and to avoid the problems mentioned above, we have structured it in the following manner:

We have provided you with a Course Workbook in which there are several activities for you to complete. Whenever you see the phrase *Activity Time* it means that we would like you to complete the requested activity before moving further in the course.

The text lectures all contain additional unique content that is not covered in the videos. These lectures are there to break the monotony of a constant stream of videos and to broaden your understanding of video marketing. They are usually followed by an activity.

Lastly, be sure to explore the external resources and supplementary materials of each lecture as these materials serve to compliment and further illuminate lecture topics.

As stated above, we have attempted to structure this course in such a manner so as to maximise your engagement through the use of different mediums. However, if you experience any uncertainty during the course please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.

Happy learning!

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